A perfect circle – rock music and wine

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Judith – the name of what is probably the best rock song I’ve ever heard. Everything about this song is musical perfection to me. There is absolutely nothing contrived about it at all. It’s pure -cuts to the chase, raw, guitars, drums, bass, vocals – melodic yet hard.

I love it when I find good things by chance.

It’s almost like being given a gift from the universe (I know that sounds a little bit too much like “The Secret” but in this case I didn’t ask for it, it just happened).

So, here’s what I found: “Blood Into Wine“.

The link? Maynard James Keenan is the elusive and somewhat mysterious lead singer of A Perfect Circle. He is also the man behind a completely outlandish attempt to produce wine in Arkansas which is the basis of the documentary. I haven’t seen it yet but it’s one of those things which I know I will enjoy. I immediately noticed that he’s named his first Sauvignon after the song (which also happens to be his mother’s name – a little worrying given the nature of the lyrics but I suppose that’s another story).


The Decisive Moment

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The Decisive Moment

Very insightful read into the decision making processes of the mind. Johan Lehrer outlines how regions of the brain compete to help us churn out our decisions e.g. how the “rational mind” takes precedence over the “emotional mind” and vice-versa. This book sheds light on the way we make decisions from an anatomical, biological and neuro-scientifical but, in a way that’s understandable and enjoyable to read for the layman.

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Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times

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Muhammad Ali

It was either this and “Dreams from my Father” – Ali is just far more interesting to read about! (Sorry Obama!) This account is tremendous. The author has peppered it with first hand accounts from the people who were there at the time including Ali himself. It’s also the only account that has his direct consent. The feats of this man are truly amazing -boxing was only the beginning. I am truly touched and inspired by this book and so, thoroughly recommend it to all!

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What They Teach You at Harvard Business School: My Two Years Inside the Cauldron of Capitalism

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This book gave me exactly what I wanted -a grounded perspective of the MBA. Most importantly, I now have an idea of what to expect should I embark upon one myself. A very informative read indeed.

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